Hello! I'm Cynthia Stevison.

I am an author, speaker and coach who helps individuals struggling with mental illness to create mental happiness.

Through my decades of personal and professional healing, I have built a system of strategies and a proven process.

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Author, Coach, Entrepreneur
Tree of Happiness Book Cover

Recovery is possible.

The Tree of Happiness by Cynthia Stevison explores the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.

This story offers encouragement and empowerment to those willing to accept it and climb into their true potential.

This book converts decades of personal and professional healing strategies into a proven process that equips readers with the tools to create their own Tree of Happiness.

Readers will

  • Discover how to unveil the roots that bind them.
  • Find answers to help those that suffer from mental illness.
  • Experience comfort that they are not alone.
  • Discern how mental disorders can be managed.
  • Unpack how recovery is possible.

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Resources for self publishing authors. Mental Health Awareness techniques. Meditation. Wellness plan for recovery.

My team is professional and we deliver quality work. We prepare power points and handouts for our sessions.

We show up filled up and ready to work.

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SoulPath has been designed as a personal guide, to accompany you on your journey to self discovery
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we offer SoulPath as a first step, in this part of your journey.

We are all unique beings on different paths; each journey must begin somewhere.


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