Hiring Cynthia as a Coach

Do you dream of writing a book like 200 million other people?

What is your message?  Fiction or Nonfiction?

In the past if an author wanted to publish a book they had to get an agent and be rejected time after time by publishers.

Now times have changed. Print on demand (POD) is now providing low cost self-publishing to anyone willing to do the work.

Are you ready for a transformational experience?

Do you have a book brewing inside you?

Do you want to transform the desire into a reality?

I have compiled 5 sessions to help you get started.

Starting your journey to writing a book

  1. Overcome obstacles and fears. $15
  2. Set goals. Be the architect in your own destiny. $50 skype
  3. 15 Steps to how to write a book. $15 resources
  4. Build your product. Target audience. Branding. $50 skype
  5. Publish your product. How to Self publish. $50 skype
  6. Add you to my secret Facebook page with authors and resources. $40 ($80 value)

(3) one hours sessions and homework (15-20 hours client)

Original Value ($260.00)

Now just $197.00

Guarantee Seal

Midway Journey

Guidance in:

  • Book covers 99design pdf $15
  • How & when & where to hire freelancers. pdf $25
  • Amazon pre sales $50 skype & pdf
  • How to set up your book on create space. pdf $20
  • How to throw a bash for your book launch party. $50 skype & pdf
  • Marketing book to a business. Branding. $50 skype & pdf
  • Add facebook secret group resources & authors. $40.00 ($80.00 value)

(3) one hour sessions plus homework (20-30 hours client)

Original Value ($290.00)

Now just $197.00