Enid Author Fest 2017


I am honored to be invited as an Oklahoma author to celebrate books at the Enid Public Library on  Rescheduled for March 4, 2017  10 a.m – 4 p.m

 You will be able to meet more than thirty Oklahoma Authors.

I grew up about one mile east of the library. My younger brother and I would stop at the library during the summer to cool off from riding our bikes in the hot mid-west sun. It was our little bit of heaven. A cold water fountain and the clean bathrooms was the first thing on our minds. The business of reading was second. The books let us escape our chaos.

We didn’t have goggle or the internet. We had microfiche machines.


If you wanted to learn something you read an encyclopedia at home or you went to the local library.

I remember learning about the dewey decimal system and what fiction and non fiction books meant. I felt in control of my learning for the first time in the Enid Public Library. I would walk up to the wooden drawers called card catalogs. If I knew the name of an author or subject I would give the metal holder a tug and finger through the cards. The card would have a numbers. I took a small pencil and a piece of  scratch paper and scribbled the secret code.


I traveled shelf to shelf  book searching with my younger brother in tow. He was mischievous little kid. He liked animal books of any kind. I would often find him a couple books first and sit him on the rug with the rest of the children. When I felt comfortable he would stay and read. I would search for my books.

The Enid Public Library was always a safe place for me and many other children.

In a world where 2/3 students can’t read proficiently by the end of 4th grade we need libraries.

Reports show that the rate of low literacy in the United States directly costs the healthcare system millions of dollars every year.

For the reasons above, read to your children every day. When they start reading make it a routine in your household to have reading time.

Reading made my life easier as a child and an adult.


Enid Public Library

120 West Maine St.

Enid, OK

Please visit their website by clicking below


Here is list of my favorite books as a kid.

  1. Summer of the Monkeys
  2. Where the Red Fern Grows
  3. Sounder
  4. How to Eat Fried Worms
  5. Blubber
  6. Outsiders
  7. Super Fudge
  8. Flowers in the Attic
  9. Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  10. Boxcar Children

I challenge you to make a list of your favorite book when you were young teen.

You are invited to 

Enid Author Fest 2017 is March 4th 10 a.m – 4 p.m

Free Admission

Book Signing, Readings and Selling

I will be signing and selling