Book Launch Party

The turtle dream has reached one of its goals.  Read about the dream in my new book.
Join us to celebrate the launch of  “The Tree of Happiness”.
I will be reading a selection from the book and signing copies. This celebration is about inspiration and a supportive team because without them this book would have stayed deep inside my being.
This party is about transformation from writer to author. Come by and celebrate with me.


The Tree of Happiness
April 14, 2016
Springhill Suites Conference Room
5815 KL Drive, West of Walmart
Enid, OK

The truth is in the process

We recently had mental health emergency crisis in my family.
You see when a person is living with serious mental illness it affects everyone. During these times we feel anxious and frustrated. Clear, honest communication is critical for the family and friends.
How do you communicate effectively when you feel helpless and hopeless?

The answer is… Get out your tool kit. Recognize that stress is uncomfortable. It took us decades to learn and implement these skills.  Today we want to share them with others.
If you feel the need to withdraw go for a walk. Get out of your head and into your body. Move those feelings around. Expand your knowledge of exercise and yoga. Feelings are uncomfortable for most of us try not to escape them. Your body needs to deregulate.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with the world around us and it’s okay to take a break. Take a step back and take care of yourself.
Our family uses a seven part toolkit.
1. Recognize
2. Expand
3. Manage
4. Implementation
5. Evaluation
6. Education
7. Empowerment
These steps are part of our healing process and they help us work through any problems. There are no limits to the scope of this toolbox. You can use it for your overall mental healthcare plan or you can use it to cope with just a bad day.

I am happy to tell you that there are many ways to manage and maintain a healthier lifestyle.
There are several reasons for beginning a new life change.
I want to reduce my stress level.
I want to invest in my own growth and development.
I want to identify a network of resources.
I want to build relationships and trust.
I want to help build a community that embraces the dignity of citizens.

How Do I Transform
Transformation requires education and dedication. The right information support and resources can change your life.
You must be able to move out the way and accept healing.
You must also identify your fears take action in spite of them. Now is the time to walk steady and slowly into a healthier, manageable life.
Start with a checklist of things you need to change. Make simple achievable and measurable goals. Make sure to add a timeline for completion.

There will be fears and resistance along the way. Often times as soon as you start progressing you will encounter resistance. There will always be something trying to stop you from achieving your goals, or so it seems. Without the dark and stormy days, we can’t learn to appreciate the good days of sunshine and shade.

The speed in achieving your goals doesn’t matter. Forward motion is what matters .

Be true to yourself even if it hurts.
Put yourself first, you are important.

Book to Business Workshop

Book to Business in Oklahoma City, OK: These events are held across the nation and coming to Oklahoma.
Our next Book to Business Event is confirmed for March 18th-19th 2016
Seating will be limited and it will sell out quickly. The tickets are $97. and include all workshop materials, hor d’oeuvres during networking, light breakfast, lunch and snacks.

March 18th & 19th at the Hyatt Place

1818 South Meridian, Oklahoma City, OK
Friday: 7 p.m. to Networking and Live Music by Damond Burpo.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Listen Click Here
Bob Jones..The Sexiest Man Alive
Dennis McDonald…Self Publishing..Create Space
Linda Pope…Cover Design
Denise Kelly….Unleashing Your Creativity
Grama Peaches…Character Development
Shelley Stutchman…Marketing your book for 25 cents or less
Kim White…Creating a Business Around Your Message..Through Automation & Processes…
Cynthia Diamond Stevison…Root Words Alliance and how Amazon is promoting Pre-Sales of her book. Including the Pre-Sale Book Launch of her new book…”The Tree of Happiness.”
There will be a block of discounted rooms if you are interested in staying at the hotel. If you want to guarantee you get a ticket, let us know ASAP. Use the contact page to leave a message.

Life’s Truths

Have you ever thought about these statements?
I am afraid of change
I am not enough
People don’t want me to change
I can’t live without chaos.
The Road Less Traveled by M.Scott Peck M.D.
Life is difficult.


If we expect a life with no pain, no heartache, no illness.
We are wrong.
Life truths.
Struggle is definite!
Mental health issues are complicated!
There are many people with mental health issues that enrich our lives.
History: Abraham Lincoln, Virginia Woolf, Earnest Hemmingway
Popular: Carrie Fisher, Patty Duke, Ben Stiller, Alanis Morissette, Ally Sheedy, Barbra Streisand, Angelina Jolie. The list goes on and on…
Success equals a plan.

Wellness plan equals healthier lifestyle.
For people living with mental health issues the road is not easy. Treatment is up to the individual. This person is not broken and everyone’s success looks different. We can find a way to thrive and move forward.

Mental Illness can’t be cured, however it can be managed.
Start by making a wellness plan.
Reading books and joining a support group.
My wellness plan involves medication, relaxation, yoga, supportive people, meditation, volunteering, journaling and creative writing.
I want everyone to know things did not change overnight for me. It was a slow and steady pace. I have known my share of hardships and loss but here I stand continuously moving forward. I remember the days that made me strong. I asked for help and I never gave up on myself.
My advice to caregivers is smile, sit and listen. Don’t pity the individual. Realize the person is trying on good days and bad days. I advise those that struggle with mental health to learn to ask for help. Remember, ninety percent of mental disorders are treatable.
Why mental illness called the invisible disease?
People don’t often look sick. Some individuals hide behind closed doors and use alcohol and drugs to medicate the disorder. Many individuals rather than seek help with their mental disorder, many hide, hoping that it will go away. They are unwilling to admit to their illness because they are frightened of society’s reaction. Those who most need support from others, aren’t able to find the support they need because of society’s view on their illness.


On the other side of recovery I believe it is our job to raise awareness for those who are still struggling!
We can inspire hope and healing. We can expose this invisible disease.
Tell me how you can change the way people see mental illness.


Tips for Stress Relief

Tips for Stress Relief
Make a plan with a start date.
Put your plan into action. It is that simple. Every day is a different opportunity for choices. Life presents us with new challenges every day
The ability to organize and design your own plan gives you the strength and assurance this is the right plan for you.
Let people around you know you are investing time and energy for improvements for maintaining a balanced healthier life

It is not an easy process. It is okay not to be okay all the time. Everything changes.
You must practice over and over again living a manageable life
My wellness plan consists of daily routines of eating healthy meals, doing yoga, meditation, and enough sleep.
De stressing Tips
1. YouTube videos for guided meditation
2. Visit a sick friend or someone that needs support.
3. Sunshine and Exercise.
4. Rocking chair on the front porch.
5. Playlist on your cell phone. Music.
6. Listen to Audio book on YouTube or from your library.
7. Call a friend go have coffee or lunch.
8. Adult Coloring Books.

This blog is not intended to be a substitute for the medical advice of a licensed psychiatrist/physician. The reader should consult with their doctor in any matters relating to his/her health.

Cynthia Stevison
Cynthia Stevison

Seven Deadly Sins That Kill a Book

Cynthia Stevison
Cynthia Stevison
  • If you don’t have a writing routine. Block off time to write without distractions. If you plan to write a 40000word book and want to do it in 6 months Example 40000/26=1530/7days=219 words a day. If you make simple goals it’s easier to stay on track.
  • We can’t succeed as writers if we lack motivation to persist despite the internal and external factors that hold us back. Writers can get lonely and have a sense of failure. With this group we want to hold each other accountable for our goals.
  • We don’t approach writing as a business. The truth is that good writing has structure, constructs, and rules. And, good writers are professional and businesslike. It takes practice.
  •  We get bored. The problem is we give up too soon because anything we do repetitively becomes boring. We move on to other more interesting projects. We have to learn to let go of the voice of self doubt and push forward. Move through it. This is the time the group members can be mentors.
  • We self sabotage. Our fear we are not good enough blows up. Who are the people I need feedback from? Do my family and friends count?
  • We don’t enjoy the writing process. We don’t succeed as writers because we aren’t willing to persist even when it feels like we’re failing. Writing is hard work and emotional most of the time. You must be prepared.
  • We get hooked on criticism and or praise. Feedback is something you learn from your audience. Criticism is part of this work. Believe me Ive heard it. The criticism that hurts the most mirrors the negative belief we hold about ourselves.