Series: Self Publishing Book Cover Designs Part 3 of 4

Today is the day we Launch the Book Cover Design contest and invite designers.

Step 5. Launch your contest and invite designers. Make sure you personalize the invitation. You can invite up to 50 a day. Don’t just look in book covers. Look in magazines covers, tattoos, 3D, art illustrations, remember you can invite anyone.

Example of my Personal message: My name is Cindy. I like your book cover designs. Be specific and name the design you like most. I have a contest going and would love for you to participate in the contest. Thank you for joining my contest.

Tree of Happiness Book on Table

Click here The Tree of Happiness


You can copy and paste this message but remember to personalize it to each designer.

Step 6. When they submit a design. Give feedback. Ratings, private messages, help the designer by giving what you like and don’t like about the design. Change colors or move the title or new font. They can submit more designs.

Step 7. If you get some great designs and you love at least three of them. Pick you’re your favorite or ask for more time. Extend the contest if you don’t love at least three designs.

Once you start getting designs coming in rate them 1-3 if you rate too high 4&5 other designers might not think you are focused on a specific design and might not enter your contest.

The first couple days were slow for me. I only had a couple designers and the quality was limited. Remember good designs take time. They don’t want to be copied so they might wait until the last moment to submit.

What I love about 99 design is you don’t have to worry you can ask for more time if you don’t get the design you are looking for. You should receive dozens of designs. I received 32 designs.

Step 8. While the contest is going on I would recommend you start writing your back cover. Give it your best shot. Make sure you get some feedback from friends and family or an editor check out someone can do it for $5dollars. Keep it about 200-300 words. Include the author bio and allow space for your imprint ISBN and picture if you are going to get a professional headshot done.

Step 9. Manage you Design contest.

  1. Round one. Get lots of designs. Narrow down your favorite designers.
  2. Round two. Select the finalist or Ask for an extension.
  3. Round three. Choose a winner and get your design files uploaded.


Step 10. Select guarantee your prize. This means you will be picking a winner.

Step 11Select Finalists and start final round. Now the designers know you will be picking a winner. Send them a message of your expectations. This is the final phase. The message should read something like please include these changes for your final book cover. Tell them the winner designer is responsible for 6 versions of the design.

  1. Hardcover 2. Paperback 3. Audio. 4. Kindle. 5. Banner for website. 6. 3D jgps images for marketing.

Step 12. Take a poll for your final cover. Tab at the top click polls. Start a poll.

It’s easy for friends and family to vote on options. Share the poll. Facebook & Tweet or forward an email.  The poll is a great marketing tool for building interest in your book.

Tree of Happiness Book Three