Hiring Cynthia as a Speaker

Are you looking to hire a speaker for your workshop or conference that would cover one of the following topics?

Mental Health
Handling Stress
Having an Impact
Writing a Book
Being an Entrepreneur
Resources for self publishing authors
Mental Health Awareness techniques
Wellness plan for recovery

My team is professional and we deliver quality work. We prepare power points and handouts for our sessions. We show up filled up and ready to work. We can also bring videos if needed.

Cynthia's Recent Speaking Engagement

Cynthia's most recent speaking engagement was at the Book to Business Seminar in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on March 18th and 19th 2016. These events are held across the nation.

She spoke about her experience building Root Words Alliance and how Amazon is promoting pre-sales of her book, The Tree of Happiness.

Cynthia also discussed when to hire freelancers to help edit and publish your book. She included a step-by-step guide to get your book on Amazon before it’s published.

Review of Cynthia's Presentation

Her presentation was packed with useful information, plus she explained to us how to implement the information she provided. That made her not only a great presenter, but she gave us value.

Her presentation style was relaxed, which put the audience at ease. She also had a PowerPoint that was designed with the audience in mind. Her handouts were well done.

I am looking forward to the opportunity of attending a future event where she will be speaking.
~Shelly Malicote-Stutchman

Cynthia Stevison Speaker Close Up
Cynthia Stevison Speaker View from Audience
Cynthia Stevison Speaker Smiling

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