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Mindfulness and Awareness
“See if you can approach your own practice with a healthy combination of mindfulness, playfulness, precision and curiosity”
Cyndi Lee
“Be Curious not Judgmental”
Walt Whitman

We are all told from a young age to be mindful of what we are doing, where we are going and whom we are around. But what exactly does it mean to be mindful?

We live in a world that glorifies “busy”. Our ‘Go-culture’ makes us forget the importance of slowing down so as to become aware in the present moment. We eat our meals in front of a television, computer or phone, never tasting our food. So often we rush from one moment to the next never stopping to acknowledge how an interaction or event made us feel or how our actions affect the people around us.
Mindfulness is the practice of observing the present moment, without judgment, and without trying to change it.

The practice of mindfulness will allow you to gain insight into your thoughts, feeling and reactions. Awareness of these new insights will create the ability to respond and choose your path, instead of reacting impulsively. Juliet Adams, Director and founder of has developed the simple ABC’s of a mindfulness practice:

A is for awareness – Becoming more aware of what you are thinking and doing- what’s going on in your mind and body.
B is for “just Being” with your experience. Avoiding the tendency to respond on auto-pilot and feed problems by creating your own story.
C is for seeing things and responding more wisely. By creating a gap between the experience and our reaction to it, we can make wiser choices.

This month is about building your inner self as an observer through the practices of curious mindfulness. Pay attention to your world from a nonjudgmental perspective and see what you notice.
Mindfulness requires focus. Meditation is one way to build your ability to witness as you learn to focus your attention. In meditation the mind will wander. The task of meditation is to observe when your mind begins to wander and to bring it back to focus.

Practice Now: Bring your body into a comfortable seated posture. Close your eyes and focus your attention on observing your breath as it moves in and out through your nasal passages. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe In. Breathe Out. Repeat. Simply observe the flow of your breath as it comes in filling the body. Notice how your body expands and contracts as air moves in and out? Notice the pace of your respiration? Notice when you become distracted? Is there mind chatter?

Recorded Meditations by Karen Harris


Try this practice for as little as 3 minutes.

As you become more comfortable and at ease with your quiet mind increase the length of your breathing meditation each day.
Meditation is a practice. When you notice your mind wandering, you have experienced the first step of awareness. As Sri K. Pattabhi Jois said, “Do your practice and all is coming.”
If mediation is not your thing, there are fun ways of building awareness by simply observing. Remember mindfulness is merely the practice of acknowledging what you are doing as you are doing it!

Week one: This first week is a start to understanding how to use your daily life as a point of self-awareness and mindfulness. Every day this week observe your daily self care habits. Log how many hours you sleep, how much water you drink, and daily showering and grooming habits. Note any observation. The questions below are to help you observe.
Are you well-rested when you wake? What does it feel like as you drink water? What do you think about during your morning routine? Are they positive or negative thoughts? How does it feel to shower or run a brush through your hair? Do you take your time or are you rushed?
Take time to journal your observations. There is space provided at the end of the month in the section, Journaling Pages.
Week Two: Challenge yourself to taste every bite of your meal. How many times have you eaten only to look down at your plate and realize there is only one bite left? Notice every detail of the flavors in your food. When do you quit noticing? Do you like what you are eating? The texture? Would you eat it again? List emotions that are attached to the food.
Week Three: Take a walk each day, even a short one, and notice what you hear, what you smell and what you feel. Do you like where you are? Are you comfortable? Can you feel your clothes against your skin? A breeze on your face? The sun soaking into your skin? Are you hot or cold? Write down your observations. Be detailed.
Week Four: For our final week of mindfulness, when in a discussion with the various people in your life, observe yourself and your actions. Do you listen? Or are you waiting for your turn to speak? Do you like talking to them? How does your body respond? Tightness, ease? (Turning away or leaning in?) Do you speak kindly? Do you talk fast or slow? How do you feel once the conversation has ended?
This practice is used to focus the attention with the purpose of observing in a nonjudgmental way. Stay open and kind to yourself in the spirit of exploration and compassion. This may be the first time you have ever had an opportunity to learn about your Self. Your brain will observe and evaluate, notice these observations and evaluations as they happen. Live through and feel your emotional discoveries by inviting curiosity and opening your heart and mind. This is when you are most likely to learn about your internal world.












I am Orlando!


Live Reading of the Enid, Oklahoma Enid Stands Together Orlando!

Greetings Friends, Family and Community,

The LGBT Community sees June as a month of Pride celebrations.

As we gather in #prayer vigils across our country. We are gathered here not in celebration but mourning our family and friends. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and the months to come, we stand together as one human family. This is not only a day of sadness for the #LGBT community but a sad day for #Humanity.

Yesterday was a heartbreaking horror as we all watched the news coming from #Orlando.

Today we acknowledge our anger, fear, shock and our love. These feelings are normal. It is okay to ask for help.

We have choices.

We can choose to connect, empower and heal; or we can choose to HIDE in the shadows of darkness.

Connection means knowing the people in your community and taking care of each other. It’s simple. Look around you tonight. This is our neighborhood. This is our community. This is our world.

We can not lose faith in humanity. Today we are one heart beating for change.

We shall not let Sundays heinous crime define us.

I encourage you to ask for help. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and your community.

This is a reminder to be more compassionate and caring towards others. Remember all life is precious.



I have decided to offer my #ebook for #FREE starting tomorrow for those who are struggling with mental illness. If you know anyone; family, friends, neighbors, co workers, communities. Download the book. It’s for anyone suffering.

It will be available for 5 days for FREE. Today We Stand for Love.

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The Tree of Happiness reading by author Cynthia Stevison

“The Tree of Happiness” reading by author Cynthia Stevison

Cynthia Stevison Speaker with Shelley


Read along if you want too.

Bonus material just for you.

Speak your souls truth even if it hurts sometime.

Much gratitude to all my readers.

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Tree of Happiness Book Three

Mental illness can strike anyone. It knows no age limits,
economic status, race, creed, or color. We all suffer pain in different
ways. Losing control of one’s mind can be incredibly scary. Imagine
being locked in a cell, restrained, and stripped of all humanity.
Imagine no access to food or water, no human contact and being left
to urinate and defecate where you sleep. This abuse is shocking but
often true. Many Americans face these conditions each day believing
it could be their last. There is a mental health crisis in our country
and we must find liberation.

Read more…