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Enter to win one of five signed copies of my book The Tree of Happiness. These are times of struggle in our nation. I want to give back to my community.


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This book offers personal stories. I hope it inspires others to find their purpose and expand their potential. This book highlights the fundamental strategies for a successful recovery. There are tools for the reader. Mental illness can strike anyone. It knows no age limits, economic status, race, creed, or color. The Tree of Happiness unites human spirit and the mental health crisis in our country today. It uncovers the secret that mental disorders can be treated, managed and recovery is possible. The book examines the stigma and discrimination faced by many Americans today. 

These stages are identified in The Tree of Happiness.

  • Part 1: The Suffering

Find comfort that they are not alone. We all experienced setbacks, failures, and hardships. Take time to share your story. Statistics show one in five Americans struggle with some kind of mental health issues. The best news is ninety percent are treatable. Mental illness can strike anyone. It knows no age limit, economic status, race, creed, or color.

  • Part 2: The Recovery Plan

I am happy to tell you there are ways to manage and maintain a healthier lifestyle. There are several reasons for beginning a life change. This is the time for preparation. You are supporting someone to make healthy choices. Improves understanding of different struggles, and inspires to do better and be accountable. It builds relationships and trust. Unearth the freedom from stigma and prejudice. Introduce the plan of Sleep, Nutrition, Activity and People (S.N.AP.)

  • Part 3: The Healing

When we are living our lives with mental illness the road may not be easy however we can find a way to thrive by planning ahead. Mental illness can’t be cured however it can be managed. Make a Wellness plan. Put your plan into action. It is that simple.  Every day is a different opportunity for choices. Life presents us with new challenges every day. Now that you are a beautiful butterfly, begin to see your reflection. Begin to see your transformation. Begin a gratitude journal. You might find you are part of something bigger than yourself. Count your achievements and repeat them to friends and family.

  • Part 4: The Impact

People don’t often look sick. Some individuals hide behind closed doors and use alcohol and drugs to medicate the disorder. This is why it’s often called the invisible disease. We can impact others by sharing our stories.  Every day is an opportunity to share. You see everyone has a story. If you just take the time to listen, share, and be supportive.


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The Tree of Happiness by Cynthia Stevison

The Tree of Happiness

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